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There are some things that you are going to notice before others when it comes to car repair. Some things you’ll see, others you will feel. Shocks are one of the things that you will likely feel before you notice anything visually.

If your shocks need to be replaced, here are a couple of things you might feel when riding in your car:

• Your car bounces a lot when you go over a bump
• Your car is nose diving when you apply your brakes
• Your car seemingly drifts, floats, or sways when you turn

There are also things that you can look for if you know what to look for:

• Excessive/uneven wear on your tires
• Fluid is leaking from your shocks
• Your mounts of your shocks are worn or broken

If you are experiencing any of the things above, it’s possible that you need new shocks.
Shocks are a lot like struts except they don’t contain the spring in one unit. Sometimes your springs wear out and that can cause your shocks to blow out prematurely.

CAUTION: Worn or blown out shocks can increase your stopping distance by more than 20 feet! – Sometimes you don’t have 10 feet to stop in freeway driving conditions.

Think you might need new shocks but not sure? Why not come in and we’ll do a free inspection? We’ll give you an honest diagnosis and let you know what your car needs and give you a fair price. We have been in the same location for over 30 years and we have helped many people with their car problems.
We provide:

• Excellent service
• Fair pricing
• Warranty on parts and labor

For those who live in the areas of San Dimas, Azusa, and other nearby cities, we are the place to go to for excellent and caring auto repair. Check us out on Yelp and see why Exhaustman Auto Center is the place to go!

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