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Struts may not be something that you think about when it comes to your cars maintenance.  You can’t see them and you may not even know right away that they need replacing as they wear out gradually.  But if you wait too long, then you are going to see the signs:

  •   Your tires are wearing out quickly
  •   Your steering isn’t responding like it used to
  •   You aren’t stopping as quickly as you used to do


Keep in mind that you may be overcompensating things like, steering lag/laziness and the stopping response.  So how do you know if you need new struts? Here are a few signs that your struts have lost their stuff:

  • Car’s leaning a lot when going around corners or nose-diving when you stop hard
  • Your SUV or Car is bouncing a lot or it’s “floating” when you’ve gone through a dip in the road.
  • You’re buying tires more frequently then you need to do to the excessive bouncing from worn out struts.

Think that’s not a big deal, just annoying? Well, think of this statistic

If your struts are worn out, you may need an increased distance of over 22 feet to stop going at freeway speeds!

Think it’s time to get new struts for your car? Are you over 50K on your odometer?  Want to save some extra cash over the chain stores. Then come to The Exhaustman Auto Center for a FREE inspection.

So if your looking for strut or shock repair in Glendora or Azusa California or maybe even a little further like Upland we are worth the short 10 minute drive.

We will do the work on your car and we’ll do it for a good price. At Exhaustman Auto Center, we give you a good price without sacrificing quality.




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